POTHOLES fund at the front desk

After speaking with a few members last night, figured I’d try and crowdsource either some funds or supplies to patch the worst of the holes in the parking lot.

50lb bag of asphalt patch costs about $12 at Menards. We will probably need 15 bags or so.

I’ll leave a small jar at the front desk if anyone wants to donate to the fund. If anyone would rather just run out and grab a bag or so that’s even better!

Thank you all in advance! Any help is appreciated.


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I have a dirt/asphalt tamper that I will bring in tomorrow, to help pack and level the asphalt patch. I’ll put it by the outdoor tools located by the loading dock overhead door.

If you want to help with this, using this tool to pack dirt, asphalt, etc can be a good way to work off some frustration. Just be sure to miss your toes…

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