Pot luck event!

Hi folks
It seems like our Pot Luck was a nice event I have received great feedback and certainly the dishes passed around were first class my compliments to the chefs
So based on all this good news I propose we make this a scheduled event say four times a year
New year. January
Spring. April
Summer July
Fall October
So what do you think please give me some feedback
Thanks. Vic


Excellent idea, Vic. It takes pressure off people from doing it monthly, and keeps it special.

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I’m a fan of the seasonal potluck idea! @Jtempkin also mentioned doing a Show and Tell after the potluck so makers can gather afterwards and talk about what they’ve been working on.
Another thing we’ve discussed is setting up the food in the break room and seating by the jewelry/metalsmithing area to accommodate everyone since we had such a great turn out at the last potluck.


All good a ok I agree

I like this schedule, Vic…& look forward to April’s potluck!

What is a good day to schedule this?

Not April 20-23 as I will be out of town.

So, again, what is a good day to schedule this?

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Easter is April 9th. How about April 18th?