Pot luck at LMN

Can’t wait to see everyone and eat tasty food!

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The bread is rising now…
About to work on the butter…

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Oooh, you changed the date!!! OK, I’ll be there. I’ll bring… something. Gotta think what that might be, tho.

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Just a quick reminder. To help those with food allergies or dietary concerns, please bring an ingredient list along with the dish you are bringing. Mine are on 3x5 cards.

Brought to you by someone who can be killed by soup.

Thanks one and all for coming to the potluck complements to the chefs the food really was excellent

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Yes, the food was excellent! It would be nice to have a potluck semimonthly or every quarter!

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Billy and I had an emergency and were really sad to miss it, I would absolutely love to have it be a recurring event. We were also going to invite everyone in person to our baby shower this weekend, if you’d like more food here’s the invite



This was good, and should be done again.
How frequently should pot luck events occur?

I had a wonderful time!
Thank you so much everyone!
Also, the vegan stew that was leftover was a delicious dinner Monday night :star_struck:

Congratulations on the baby!

Also on the potluck, the food was awesome, great conversations, fun getting to see more people from the space. Looking forward to future potlucks.

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