Posters and Flyers!

Halfsheet v3.pdf (1.8 MB)
Make the move-poster.pdf (2.2 MB)
postcard 4x6.pdf (366.6 KB)
postcard v2.pdf (280.2 KB)

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These are fantastic!
I was hoping to get some small canvassing time in over the next couple weeks for the fundraiser.
Are there prints of these available for such a thing or are these a “print/use at your own cost” thing?

We’re trying to get more prints. I have a couple small stacks which I could pass off to you. But soon Brian will have found a local printer to do another run with.

These look fabulous. I’ll see about dropping some off at various coffee places, too.

Already got Lansing covered. But if you’d like to help distribute to some further-off places (Johnson’s Workbench, for instance) let me know and I’ll get you some stacks & mark down where you dropped them off.

I /think/ these were posted here to encourage people to print off their own to bring to their own places of work. @Danielle, does that sound right?

Making them available so people can take them with them at their own whim. There wasn’t a plan for providing stacks, just print a couple if you like I think.


Do you have enough control in canva to skoot all the text in so I can get a border for a full bleed ?

Nevermind I hacked it together. Go go gadget photoshop!

Can you post a JPEG image of this? I want to make it my background image on FB for a bit and maybe post it elsewhere.

Here you go! Its a png, but same idea. :slight_smile: