Possible plumbing problem

The hallway bathroom with a toilet may have a leak. There was a bit of water standing around the base of the toilet during my volunteer shift today (Friday, Feb 18). I dried it, and I’ll check on it in a bit. It could have been water melting off shoes and boots, but it was only by the toilet, not further out in the open space of that room.

At a guess, all that’s needed is a new wax seal - easy peasy, as far as plumbing fixes go.

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Seems like this is still an issue. Anyone with the know-how want to take this on?

It’s done. At least, I think it is. I replaced the wax seal under the toilet. The leak was on the front/right side of the toilet, at the seam between the porcelain and the tile floor. Take a look after flushing - if you see any water seeping there, then the fix didn’t work. If no leaks appear in a day or so, this thread can be closed.

The moral of the story might be, the problem you complain about might become your own.

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