Possible Pink Eye Risk

Hey all, just a heads up. I woke up this morning with a case of pink eye. Yesterday, I was working in the space and had been using some of the shared safety glasses. Since pink eye is massively contagious (particularly with situations of shared eye wear) if you’re using any of the shared glasses in the next couple of days, I would recommend washing them off first with soap and water. The kind I was using yesterday had a hard black frame.

I’ll come by on Friday and do a general wipe down of any and all, but until then, good to keep an eye out. So to speak.


I gave all the safety glasses a nice bath in a bleach solution. That should take care of any lingering nasties.

This is something we should just get in the habit of doing once a month or so.

I read somewhere if you throw them all in the dishwasher once a month they come out sparkling clean and sanitized!

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