Possible Oil Change Space?

Hi, i’m new to the area and in a bit of a bind. I need to do an oil change on my car and i don’t have easy access to a garage. I know this isnt the main purpose of a makerspace, and im not currently a member but I was curious if it would be possible to do my oil change there.

I have all of the tools/jacks required and i would be willing to pay a one time fee or something. I just need a largish/warmish, dry space to work. Please let me know if this would be possible or if anyone has other suggestions. Thanks!

Hi Hiers! Others may be able to speak to this better, but I’m not sure a car can physically fit into the space as it is set up currently. So, the makerspace may not be much of an option for working on your vehicle.

Hopefully, we can get a few others to chime in with any suggestions they have for garages or workspaces around the area. I’ll definitely ask around and respond with any suggestions I hear!

I figured space might be the biggest issue. Thanks for asking around though!!

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I recall that our lease has some statements in that preclude working on automobiles in our section of the building.

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