Polyethylene foam on the laser cutter

Hello everyone,

My name is Ben and I am a new member of LMN and just recently got my laser cutter checkout. I have a project I am currently working on which involves small laser cut boxes with laser cut foam inserts. I’ve been doing some research online and it looks like polyethylene foam is safe to cut with a laser. Does anyone have any local sources for 1/2"-1" thick sheets? Also, has anyone experimented with cutting foam yet and what thickness could we possibly go up to? Thanks ahead of time.

I have cut a few different kinds of foam over the years. Including foam for a similar purpose.

I got mine from https://www.foambymail.com/ It’s not local, but it is in Michigan.

As far as cutting, experimenting with speeds and power is going to be required for sure. Don’t go too slow when testing start on the err of too fast too little power and work your way toward just powerful enough and just slow enough to make a nice cut.

I would be super curious to see what the results of your project were

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