[POLL] Makesgiving? Do we do it this year?

So, for those that don’t know, its been something of a tradition since LMN started that we host a pot-luck for friends and family around the Thanksgiving holiday. (It’s been the Saturday or Sunday before Thanksgiving week in the past). We deep fry a turkey (LMN’s buying) and share awesome food.

I don’t want to break tradition, but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with planning things right this moment. So, a poll. Makesgiving? Is there anyone willing to take charge of planning it? It doesn’t take too much. I’m still happy to take responsibility for the turkey and it’s cooking. So really just someone to put together an evite so we can figure out food amounts, dishes people are bringing, etc.

Do we do Makesgiving this year?

  • Yes, and Sunday, Nov 19th is perfect!
  • Yes, but I can’t make that day.
  • No.

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If we do it on the 19th I’m willing to take charge of the evite, RSVP and what people are bringing tracking. If we do it actual Thanksgiving weekend I’m unfortunately out because I have to work.

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Sounds like an awesome idea, but I would not be able to make it. Orchid show every year on that weekend.

I think trying to do it on Thanksgiving weekend would go poorly for a lot of people, so I think you’re safe there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for volunteering!

@Members, does anyone else have an opinion on this?

I’m all for participating but I can’t be assured I have the time to do more than show up with a dish to pass. As for when, Sundays are usually better much better than Saturdays for me so I’d prefer Sunday (for what ever that’s worth :wink: )