Plans for tufting frame

Hello. My wife just ordered a tufting gun and wanted a frame build. A friend wanted some plans and I thought this group would like them as well. Any feedback is appreciated!

The plans are for five 1.5"x3.5"x96" (common 2x4) - I used five 5/4"x4"x96" Pine and it worked the same.

I used a Kreg Jig R3 and glue to hold things together.

If anyone would like the DXF, STL, or other formats, let me know! Sorry I can not export PDFs from my version of fusion-360


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This looks awesome! Have you thought about some kind of guard for the carpet tack? I know they used foam here at the makerspace. Maybe you could have some holes for magnets, hinges or maybe clamps that could secure a guard over the tacks? What about some guiding holes at the corners and a large square frame with dolls that slides in to cover the tack edges?



We’ve caught ourselves on the tack strips enough times I was thinking the same thing. Magnets are a good idea. Or even just some thumbscrews.

Thanks for the suggestion. We are waiting to hang the eyehooks supports until we have a little experience

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This is definitely appreciated. Thank you for sharing!