Plans for tufting frame

Hello. My wife just ordered a tufting gun and wanted a frame build. A friend wanted some plans and I thought this group would like them as well. Any feedback is appreciated!

The plans are for five 1.5"x3.5"x96" (common 2x4) - I used five 5/4"x4"x96" Pine and it worked the same.

I used a Kreg Jig R3 and glue to hold things together.

If anyone would like the DXF, STL, or other formats, let me know! Sorry I can not export PDFs from my version of fusion-360


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This looks awesome! Have you thought about some kind of guard for the carpet tack? I know they used foam here at the makerspace. Maybe you could have some holes for magnets, hinges or maybe clamps that could secure a guard over the tacks? What about some guiding holes at the corners and a large square frame with dolls that slides in to cover the tack edges?



We’ve caught ourselves on the tack strips enough times I was thinking the same thing. Magnets are a good idea. Or even just some thumbscrews.

Thanks for the suggestion. We are waiting to hang the eyehooks supports until we have a little experience

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This is definitely appreciated. Thank you for sharing!

Hi! Thank you for sharing this! Do you have by chance a 3D model to share too?

Maybe! Let me see if I still have it around. What format do you prefer?

hei! Thank you for this answer! I would like to use a OBJ file or 3ds or a SVG : Thank you!

I know I can give you an svg! When I get back to my computer in a few days I will start searching

Hey, just wanted to pop in and say thank you!

Your draw up was extremely useful, and super easy to understand. Made this yesterday for my wife having practically zero experience. Thank you again!!


Hi Jesse! May I please get these measurements?? Thanks!

Sure, let me know what measurements you need that were not in the original drawing and I would be happy to provide them

I just bought 5 2x4x8 boards and that’s all I’ve got so much lol

Here are the measurements I used. These are all in inches

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Thanks so much Jesse!!

Jesse, quick question. What size dowels did you use for the yarn holders?

1/2 inch dowels