Planer maintenance done

Tonight I finished some work on the planer. I turned the carbide inserts on the spindle to a sharp edge, checked and adjusted the rollers on the table to level them, and topped off the gear lube. It should be in shape for a good while now.


Awesome!!! Thank you

Actually there’s an update to the planer situation. While I was changing the oil in the gear box, I dropped an Allen wrench into the gear box through the fill hole. So it’s briefly out of service.
And if you’re wondering, yes, I have a palm-shaped bruise on my forehead.
I borrowed a borescope camera that will let me have a peek in there tonight to see if I can fish it out.

OK, the planer is back in service again. The little Allen wrench is out of the gearbox, unharmed.

It was quite an adventure! We used a little borescope camera down the oil fill hole, and tweezers, forceps, bent wires, and anything we could think of in the drain hole to grab it. The little bugger was hard to grab hold of, all covered in oil. Many thanks to @Mike-L for tireless effort over the last couple of nights. And who finally maneuvered the end of it close enough to the hole to grab it? None other than @brian.adams, effortlessly showing us what a classic wrench grab through a little hole looks like up close.

I refilled the gear box with lube, and I will never open that plug again.


That sounds like quite the adventure!

Has the thrilling, three hour, silent video been saved?

There is video. Which I think will become a TikTok, if I can just work out a dance.


When you do, I’m sure the LMN Dance Team will break out into, well, dance.