Pi Day Potluck and 10 year Celebration! March 14th

Hi everyone!

Please join us on Thursday March 14th for a Pi Day Potluck and anniversary celebration. It has been 10 years since LMN was first registered as an organization! We’ll start around 6pm.

Three buildings, hundreds of members, thousands of visitors, we have a lot to celebrate.
Sign up below for what you are bringing (if you aren’t sure, may I suggest Pie?)

We’d love to see what you’ve been working on, why not bring some stuff for show and tell?
We even have a liquor license for the evening. BYOB, but if you are imbibing, please stay away from the tools.

See you there!


Raise your hand if you are coming to eat some PIE!

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Thanks everyone for coming out. It was lovely to see you, eat your food, and chat about what you’ve been working on.
Congrats to our founders for 10 YEARS!

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