Pet Policy? Are Dogs Allowed?

I’ve just adopted a 1 year old German Shepard that washed out of training to be a seeing-eye dog. Mal isn’t used to being apart from his human, and has some separation anxiety if I leave his line of sight. Would it be okay to bring Mal into the Makerspace if he was secured to a safe place inside?

TLDR: Are dogs allowed in the Makerspace?

The simple answer is unfortunately no, aside from assistance animals we don’t allow animals in the space. Many of us are animal people, but the two main reasons are

  1. The makerspace isn’t a particularly safe or conducive environment for pets (loud noises, stuff to accidentally get into, etc.)
  2. Not everyone at the makerspace is an animal person (or may have allergies) and we don’t want to put anyone in the position of having to avoid the space or have the awkward conversation with someone about their pet.

(Also, I met your dog and he’s awesome, congrats on adopting him. :slight_smile: )

Completely understand. Thank you for informing me of the policy, I’ll be sure to abide by it!

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