Pennsylvania street construction - again

Once again, Pennsylvania Street is closed north of the maker space. When approaching from the north, you could go one block east of Penn to Alpha street, then south. But you still have to cut through an active construction zone at the end.

Instead, go west on Mt. Hope to Cedar street, then south about 1/2 mile to Hamilton Ave, then go east. A good landmark on this corner is Athena’s Diner and their blue roof. There’s a couple of slight jogs in the route, but it’s not bad. You come out just south of the overpass behind the Space. Here’s a link to the map.,-84.5434991,16.04z


That is a decent route - though if I were coming from the East, I would go down to Cavanaugh and come North.

The highway junction of I-496 and US-127 is going to be messed up for the next couple of years. Currently the exit from US-127 South onto I-496 West to get to the S Pennsylvania exit is closed. Go down to the Jolly Rd exit, turn right, follow the curve around and take the first right onto Cavanaugh. I would avoid the Trowbridge exit - my understanding is that they will be removing that exit and somehow adding a new exit to Mt Hope - for the new hospital…

And avoid coming South on Lyons - it might be shorter - but, it is a horrible road!!!