Parking pass down again?


Affected Tool or Resource: [parking pass]

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[parking pass doesnt seem to be recognizing my card or printing pass. Printer part seems to work well, it feeds and cuts the sticker paper]

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Doh! Thanks for the reminder. I’ll take a look at get it fixed up.

Thank you!

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tagging @IsaacKane. He was able to get the printer working a couple of weeks ago when the same issue was happening. I believe there was an old pass stuck/burned inside the printer.

I believe this is a different problem if Henry said the printer spits out a test and cuts it ok. There appears to be activity in the scanning process (lights activate), but the process doesn’t transmit to the printer. (IMHO)

I understood it was still spitting out, but not printing like last time. I swapped out the rfid reader from the front desk and both work where they are. No idea why the parking pass rfid reader works at the front and not at the parking pass station…

Just tried it with a few different badges without changing anything else and it is working again.


Thank you for fixing it! Weird glitch!