Parked items accumulating by woodworking door

Hi All!

I don’t come in often but I noticed projects starting to accumulate by the load in doors. If possible, can we try to park projects so that entrances and walkways are kept clear for others?


I’m stripping as fast as I can…

By that I mean that I’m adding strips to the canoe, obviously. I did clear using this location with Charlie before I started. I hesitate to move it much just yet, as I don’t want to introduce a twist into the boat. Once the hull is complete, I will put wheels on the strongback so that I can move it outside to sand the hull. Hopefully that will happen in about a month, at the current rate of work. If it’s in the way, please contact me.

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Thanks for keeping the canoe close to the wall and near the parking shelves though. It’s looking great by the way! I’ve only been coming once-a-month-ish and it’s so cool to see it grow each time.

There are some furniture projects that are spread out around the loading area. Might all be one project or multiple people. I know I’ve seen a couple of members working on different cabinetry/furniture projects so I didn’t know who to reach out to directly.

Thanks all!

Good thought. I’ll see if I can acquire some red floor tape and mark out the areas to be kept clear. @cafwood what do you think?

This is not a new problem. First, Tony has permission to use that space for his large canoe project. No one else should have any projects in the loading dock area. No one should be storing materials at the makerspace at all unless they are using them on a current project that they are currently working on. Projects that can be moved should be stored in the limited storage area we have, and if someone has a large project, we will make every effort to accommodate it out of others way while they are actively working on it.

@cafwood, I don’t think it is clear to new members that the area in front of the loading dock is not a good place to be storing projects. They may not know that Tony has explicit permission to keep the canoe there. I will add some signage.

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