Pallets up for grabs

I received an email from Joan over at the Allen Marketplace that they have a pile of pallets they’re looking to get rid of. She also mention that pruess pets has a number they’re trying to off load as well. If anyone is interested in following up let me know and I can put you in touch with Joan.

NOTE. No piles of pallets in the makerspace. Be sure you can break them down and use/store the material on your own.

I’d like to also make a note:

The planer is not a magic pallet to nice board making machine. The likelihood of nails, staples, and general gunk on a pallet is very high. You really have to be extremely careful when sawing, planing, jointing etc on pallets.

Oh yeah one more thing I remember reading a fair amount of pallets are treated with chemicals that you probably wouldn’t want to make a cutting board out of.