Pair of grey cut offs found in my car

Hello friends! If you rode with me in my burb between spaces during the move last weekend you may have left a pair of cut offs in there lol. I will try to tag everyone who rode with me. would appreciate someone claiming them so I can get them back to you! thank you!

@Lou @zfabry @James_the_sparky @jody @zimmer62 and Jason (there are three Jasons. no idea which one lol) I feel like someone rode with me on Saturday too but if so I’ve completely forgotten.

EDIT: Update, upon further investigation it turns out to actually be a grey hoodie with a cut edge at the bottom. totally fooled me! @Lou tagging you again so you see this update

Thanks for the heads-up, but they’re not mine…:thinking:. Hope they find their owner! Thanks for the use of your truck for the move!