Painting Renovated Bathroom

The more accessible bathroom is almost ready for use. We’ll need someone to paint it before H2H this coming Sunday, though Charlie still needs a little bit of time to put the finishing touches on the room.

This Thursday, December 2nd, is when we think it’ll be ready to be painted. If you’re able to assist, please comment below and I’ll work out getting the paint here for you (though if you’re interested in choosing colors, let me know!) Thank you in advance!

My volunteer shift is Thursday, and I can certainly come in a little early to help with this!

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We already have the paint. The block walls will need to be cleaned with a TSP solution before painting. I will plan to be there when you start. When do you plan to be there? Will 3pm work?

3 pm works! See you then.

The bathroom is looking good! Nice work everybody.

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