Outdoor sign advice?

Hi all! I’m trying to achieve a sign for my house like what is pictured below. Originally, I wanted to cut individual wooden pieces which could be affixed one-at-a-time, but the brick in this location juts out every five rows, creating an uneven surface which would make spacing difficult.

Now, I’m looking into using a clear plexiglass substrate, and considering either applying vinyl to the surface (like in this video), or using some kind of adhesive to bond wood to the plexiglass.

The problem is, I’m not used to working with plexiglass, vinyl, or adhesives for the outdoors, so I’m not sure if either of these options will hold up over the years. If you have any suggestions, or you can point me to places that will help me do more research, I’d really appreciate it!

Thank you! :blush:

My wife and I do a lot of vinyl work for indoor and outdoor. Typically it holds up pretty well on plexiglass, but for extra protection a layer of clear sealant can be used. Wipe on poly or modge podge. Avoid epoxy because it will discolor in the sunlight.

Another option is to use your vinyl as a stencil and fill the negative space with paint. On mobile so I can’t get a good example. We did a wooden sign this way with a poly clear coat that gets direct sun /wind exposure all day and has help up well for 3 years now. Still looks crisp, only the wood itself has discolored.

That inspires confidence, thank you! Glad to know that poly will probably be my go-to. Will probably try the stencil and paint option at your suggestion!