Other local options for laser engraving?

Until the facility opens again, I’m looking for another source for laser engraving. I’m aware of a couple commercial options in the Lansing area, but would prefer to support a local maker if anyone knows of someone with a laser cutter. My current project would involve a single small image on about 3 dozen pieces.

Is anyone aware of a good option?

Thanks -

MSU has a Makers Space on the second floor of the Main Library. I’m unsure if they are operating but it’s a possible option.

Thanks. I’ve used them in the past for one-off demos. But since this one is relatively high volume and commercial in nature, it’s not a job suited to the service they offer.

Can you laser one as a model and cast multiples from that?

No, the items to be engraved are wooden.

@Matt, tinkrLAB in the Meridian Mall also does laser engraving. They appear to be open for business so if MSU doesn’t pan out, you can give them a try. :slight_smile:

Thanks @egilllespie for the suggestion. I ended up using them and it worked out very well.

Anyone else who is in need of laser cutting or engraving should reach out to them. Bill is the guy there who does this sort of work, and I found him real easy to work with. Good guy. Unlike some other places in town that do laser engraving, tinkrLAB is happy to engrave items brought in from outside their store. The pricing for my project was very reasonable. I’m not sure if they apply the same formula to all projects, but there was a setup fee then a per piece fee that was a function of the size of the image/time necessary to run the job. Since I had about 40 pieces the setup fee was spread across them and wasn’t a huge cost. Again, I don’t know if you brought in a one-off item whether they would use the same pricing formula or not. But until the LMN is back up and running at least, they’re an excellent option.