Opportunities at Tech Demo night at LMN

Hey all,

New Event
Tech Demo Night
Tuesday July 10th

LMN will be hosting Tech Demo night [https://www.meetup.com/lansing-tech-demos/events/qkzjlpyxkbnb/] with Erik Gillespie.

Briefly, it’s pizza followed by a bunch of 5-10 minute tech demonstrations with a little Q&A thrown in at the end. Here’s an opportunity for you to show others something you’ve created or a process you know and would like to talk about. Click the link above for more info or contact me and I’ll forward it on.

Thanks all!

Hi everyone, I organize the Tech Demo Nights — please let me know if you have any questions!

Think of it like show-and-tell: bring something cool and give a 5-10 minute unrehearsed talk about that cool thing. It can be apps, side projects, tools, anything that involves tech. :slight_smile:

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