Operate on Operation

Currently, our giant game of Operation is not functional. Its insides are a complicated mess of wires, and we’ve decided instead of fixing it in its current state we’d like to replace the internals and make them simpler.

We want to:

  • Re-wire so that operation functions WITHOUT a microcontroller. The nose needs to light up and a buzzer sound when any of the metal is touched by the tongs.

  • Ensure that the new wiring is firmly mounted to the interior. As Operation will be taken to events, it needs to be durable enough to withstand moving back-and-forth.

  • I don’t know, maybe add some handles?

Please comment if you plan to take this on / if you’ve made any progress on this task. If you’re not super familiar with electronics but are interested in the project, feel free to chime in as well. We’ll get you coordinated with someone who can help. Thank you!

@IsaacKane & @billehhg you guys have the go-ahead to work on this. And @RealCarlRaymond has extended his support!

If you all need a hand I am also available and have a solid idea on how to accomplish this.

Updating to say that @RealCarlRaymond is currently in the process of working on this.