Open house space cleaning -- now with Todo list!

I’ll be at the space for the next three nights getting things cleaned up for the open house coming up on Sunday. If you happen to arrive when I’m not there, there are things that surely can be tackled:

  • Stack of computers in the center of the space can go in the corner of the design lab (there’s a stack started)
  • The chairs that came out of the lounge area need to be dumpsterized. Breaking them up a little would probably make Granger happier, but I’m not picky.
  • The remaining desks in the center of the space need to find their way over to the new design lab location.
  • Two new network drops were added this weekend in the design lab and in the front desk area. Both of those need top clamps installed on their conduit.
  • Sweep up cigarette butts from the parking lot. (There’s a new hinged bucket by the front door for your sweeping convenience!)
  • Design area sign needs to be rehung over the new design area.
  • Extra desks need to find a home that needs them, or be discarded if we don’t need them anymore.
  • Former design area needs to be swept / cleared out.
  • Whole space needs a good sweep through / dustmop
  • Cardboard and boxboard recycling needs to be taken to Granger
  • Common area tables need to be tidied and wiped down
  • (Not) Recycling area needs to be gone through. Anyting that’s not of use should go into the garage sale this weekend

Area managers probably have a lot they’re trying to get cleaned up as well, so please reach out to them and help out in the areas.

@Members, please make a point to help out if you can spare some time. Also, please make sure to remove your personal items that have fallen outside of our storage or materials policies. Soon members storage will be moving to a new location in the space, and things getting cleaned up will make that process much easier.

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