Open house day is here!

Thanks to all the @Members that spared some time to help get this space ready for our open house today. The doors open at 12:00. We could use more volunteers to help staff the front desk and show folks around, so if you’re on the fence, please consider coming to help out.

If you’re coming to help please try to be there by 11:30 if you can so we can figure out where we can assign everyone.

I’ll be there by 9:30 or 10:00 to do some last minute tasks. If you’re selling tomorrow please show up early as well so we can figure all of that out. If you emailed or talked to me about selling you’re good to go (even if you didn’t hear back from me… sorry).

Thanks again everyone. It’s great to be able to show off our awesome space!

I can help at the front desk.


I had volunteered but I have some sort of cold/flu thing. Can barely walk, so I am going back to bed. Sorry

Thank you to everyone who helped out on Sunday!

@Gary, @lisamarie, @jody, @RealCarlRaymond, @michael, @Dorothy, @jfahner, @Clifford_Bohm, @bjadms8, @JoeCarr (and anyone else I’m forgetting). THANK YOU! It was a great time and I think we did a great job of showing off what makes LMN the best place to make!

I’ll leave this topic open for a bit if anyone was suggestions for improving our next event, please feel free to chime in.

Thanks again!!


It was a pleasure greeting folks at the door yesterday and a special “Thanks” to all who provided tours and talked w our visitors. 45 people came yesterday and 3 people (?) became members! Several more were very interested.