Open house coming up on Sunday, October 8th! WE NEED YOU

Our Fall open house is coming up on October 8th!! 12pm - 4pm

We need your help to make this an awesome event! We’re just under two weeks out!

Things you can do to help:

  • Set aside some time to help tidy and dresss up the space.
  • Volunteer to staff a demo or a tool or a project
  • Volunteer to give tours, check people in, etc.

PLEASE set aside some time to help us get the space ready for this event.

We’re also going to be allowing members to sell made items at the open house, craft show style. Contact me if you’re interested in a pop-up-shop at the event and we’ll work out the details. NOTE, you must get approval from @brian.adams to sell–don’t show up expecting to sell stuff without discussing it with me first!

How to volunteer:
Reply here so I can keep track of who will be there and when.

I can help with tidying up the place - I can come in Saturday evening. I can also help on Sunday with any admin related work (checking in people, etc).

Awesome, thank you!

We’ll get some cleaning parties scheduled soon

I can be there demoing blacksmithing. I would like to have some items for sale, with the proceeds going to the blacksmithing area. If the weather is nice, we can set up in the parking lot to keep the noise down in the space.