One day build: light tower

I had some fun this Saturday doing a “one day build” of sorts. I had ordered this status light for another project and then ended up not needing it (and honestly had forgot it was in the mail until it showed up). So, I decided to turn it into a little desk toy of sorts. A “don’t bug me” status light I guess.

I modeled all the 3D printed parts in fusion and printed them on our new Prusa MK3 (which is working fantastically BTW and we’ll ha e SOPs for later this week I think). I even got a little creative (for me) and used the Prusa colorprint feature to pause the print and embed the nuts I was using to screw it all together IN the print. Super cool.

I’ve since redone the knob of the front since I didn’t really like how I had modeled it and put some paper in the lenses to diffuse the light a little. I forgot to take pictures of those bits before it went to work though. If there’s interest I’ll try to remember to add pictures of the changes.

Overall, super fun to push myself into getting a project from start to finish in one work day. And I think it’s a neat little thing to boot.


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