Old Style Cricut cutter - any interest?

I have an original style cricut cutting machine (the kind that uses the smaller mats), with about a half dozen cartridges. It still works and has its own rolling storage case. But I have bought a different machine for home, which makes this sort of redundant, and could use the space more than the machine.

Is there any interest in having this available at LMN?

Thanks, Jenn

I’ve always wanted to play around with the Cricut, but this should be deferred to our Craft Manager, @nlbroughton

Nicole, any thoughts?

It would be great to have that available in the craft area at LMN! What would be the easiest way to arrange this?

I can bring it by Thursday evening during open hours, if you want? We will be going out of town this weekend, though, so if that doesn’t work, we could look at next week.

I don’t know what the procedures are to add something to inventory, but if you need anything from me paperwork-wise, I am happy to sign it.

I would just rather see this go somewhere it could possibly get used.

We’d be happy to take it as a donation!

Open hours Thursday would be great.

We have a gift in-kind form that we’ll ask you to fill out.

We have a “professional” vinyl cutting machine that gets the bulk of our usage, but a more “entry level” machine that would be a nice addition to the space.

Thanks very much for considering us in your donation!

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FYI - @Jenn brought the Cricut to donate during Open Hours today. Jody and I had her fill out the In-Kind Donation form.

It is behind the front desk per Jody.