Ok to set up Blacksmith Forge?

Cliff, may I set up the forge and use it? Looks self explanatory. I can send pics for review before use.


I’ve set up a mini-smithy with a couple of anvils, one post vise, a swage block, and a bunch of tools as well as setting up the disk grinder for use. It should have everything anyone needs for now, but let me know if I need me to dig anything else out.
We need to make sure not to get in the way of the equipment moving out, so please if you move the anvils or post vice, put it back where you found it. Also, please put the tools back where you found them.

P.S. the gauge on the regulator for the forge got messed up in the move. This does not effect the operation of the regulator and I will be replacing it soon. For now, I have set the regulator so you can just open the tank and light the forge.

Thank you- looks great! Please let me know if you would like additional help back there as we move forward.