No open smith or jewelry

@Rossi.Bossi mentioned open smith and jewelry nights. For anyone who missed it, last I heard there are no open smith nights or open jewelry nights. @Clifford_Bohm @Heather please speak up if i’m wrong. Attendance was unpredictable, and it ended up being less knowledge sharing and more free classes, which was a lot of time and labor commitment for those involved.

i.e. don’t go talk about these events to people. We don’t want people to show up and be dissapointed to find them cancelled

When you recommend events, feel free to check the calendar at Maria and I updated it recently, and plan to keep updating it. If anyone notices an error, message me here, or email me directly at


Sorry. I didn’t mean to advertise a thing we don’t have.

No problem! Just wanted to make a post about it so everyone could see it.

P.S. Open sew is still happening!


Yes; that’s correct…no open jewelry night, for now. In November, Jody, Vic & I decided to take a break from it during the holiday season w/ the intention to reevaluate it in ‘23 + create solid & clear expectations around how it will run, what we’ll do & not do, how often, how to best promote it, etc. It’s on my list of things to take care of, but not at the top, for now. :slightly_smiling_face: