New Z Probing Method for CNC Router

For the folks who have already been checked out on the NewCNC router, I just wanted to make you aware that I have added procedures for automatically setting the Z origin of (UAO, 1) using a custom macro that I wrote.

Link to Dozuki SOP page.

This process would replace the step where a piece of paper is used in between the cutting bit and material or spoilboard to find the height at which it is pinched inbetween the two. Instead, you place the same sensor used for tool length measurement on the machine, jog the tool over it (within 1in of the top surface) and run the “Z Origin Probe” macro.

I would consider this method to be in a beta testing mode at the moment, so feel free to give it a try, but maybe double check that the height is correct with the paper method before running your program.