New woodshop equipment needs to be moved Saturday

Carl has equipment to donate, we need 2 or 3 guys to help move it Saturday afternoon.

I moved the planer and jointer out of the workshop and into my garage. Put them in a place easy to get at. They are heavy, so we will want a couple of guys to help us load them. I don’t have a truck. Any time we can get a couple of helpers and a truck just yell and we can bring them into the space.

I have large nice 220volt 15" planet and 8" jointers, floor standing units that I have previously offered as a contribution. If you want them and the shop gets 220v in that area, they are a contribution. Glad to show them to you if you are interested

Carl Lance

We are looking at Saturday afternoon at 4:30. Please help with this.


Just as an FYI, we do have a donation policy. Please do make sure we’ve considered the questions there

I think I can make some time on Saturday afternoon if you still need help. How much time do you think you need/how far will we need to transport? Do we have a vehicle?

I have a truck, Carl is in Grand Ledge, 30 min drive.

I’ll be around Saturday and able to help.

Thanks guys.



THANKS every one for the help, wee got some very nice woodworking machines