New to working with metal (Also looking for an anvil!)

Hey everyone, my name is Dave.

I have just taken the first few steps in metal working, more specifically for the purposes of knife making.

My kid showed some interest when I turned a block of wood into a clip point knife - and we have watched forged in fire for the last 2 years - so its something I would love to get her interested in.

That said - I am currently making a small propane firebrick forge and looking to find a reasonably priced hunk of steel to move some metal on.

If anyone knows where I can get a decent starter anvil let me know - I am interested in purchasing one.

Stay safe,


Locally I would suggest looking and the Holland Anvil web site they are in Holland Michigan a local business and used anvils if you compare price per pound and shipping Holland might be good. I own personally their 260 pound double horn. Other options are any anvil shaped object. Hunk of steel from scrap/ cut off or Alro steel in Lansing. When we open back up you can access any of the 8 anvils in LMN smithy.
Hope this of some help

We shall see! Price was right and it’s better than nothing.

Some ideas for project to hone your skills check out Black Bear forge on YouTube just completed a series on hook of the week. Using materials from his s scrape bucket. Making hook are useful and you learn a lot of hammer control.

I bought a drop from a railway company of narrow gauge track. I shaped the ends and it worked beautifully for an anvil.

Switched it up :+1: