New to well pretty much everything

Hey… Not specifically sure how this works. Looking to get into blacksmithing and need to be taught how to use the tools. I am really anxious to get started.


Hello Brandon! Welcome to LMN! I should be able to get you going on blacksmithing and walk you through a starter project if you would like. I will be coming in next weekend to get my membership reactivated so if you would like we can plan on it then?

I’m jumping on this thread too because I’m interested in learning the blacksmithing setup. Don’t need a project to do, but interesting in getting the signoff on using the tools and forge. Can also attend this weekend if I know what time.

I am free during the day on Sunday.

thank you sir. just pick a time good for you and I will be happy to be there. I have an open schedule.

I should have ask the spider before I said anytime this weekend. Ugh. Apparently I’m bbq on Sunday. Will the space be open Sunday considering it’s the 4rh?

@Brandon_Wallace @seabrig29 The space will not be open sunday due to the holiday. are either of you available on Saturday?

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I can be available Saturday any time. I even checked with spouse this time. LOL

I will be in San Antonio Texas

@seabrig29 awesome! lets plan on 1pm?

@Brandon_Wallace I see. Are you available next weekend?

Awesome, will see you at 1pm saturday.

Hi Alex! I just joined as a new member today and would love to join you two for this tomorrow if possible. If that doesn’t work, please keep me in mind for scheduling it in the future.

@Andy_Buhl Welcome to LMN! you are more than welcome to join us tomorrow!

Thank you! Greatly appreciated. I look forward to meeting you and James.

Me too! I am like Brandon. I want to learn everything. How do I start?

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I want to learn soldering for art and jewelry. Do you offer classes or trainings for that? Willing to pay for private lessons too

Hi there Cassie!

Posting here is a great first step! What’s next is getting you setup as a member. If you’d like, you can drop by during our open hours to get a tour or signup for membership. Then, we can get you through our short orientation and schedule a “checkout” for blacksmithing!

If you have a CADL library card, you can also borrow a CADL-LMN Membership pass for free! Definitely worth checking out if you’re not totally sure about membership.

Hope that helps, and please let us know if you have any more questions!

I am free this weekend

awesome! I will be at the space tomorrow and we can get you checked out then!

What time would you like to meet? I am free all day