New to the shop!

Hey y’all! I’m Mike! I’m not new to the Lansing area, but decided I needed a bigger space to do some woodworking projects! So yeah, I’m not good at these intro things, so see y’all there?

PS: willing to answer any questions!


Hi, Mike, welcome to the space. It’s got lots of good people and things.

So, questions:

What are you working on? What are your skills? What do you secretly want to build?

Currently designing a breakfast nook table for my fiance, and a coffee table for my buddy. My skills are mostly on standard tools of the trade, my dad was a finish carpenter for 25 years, so I picked things up here and there. What do I secretly want to build? Honestly, I don’t know. If I could build anything, Skills aside, I guess I’d want to build a library type thing for my fiance, but A. No room at our current residence, and B. No time right now lol