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My name is Tim I sell mushroom growing supplies for a living. I have experience at another maker space in North Carolina with woodworking and running a laser. I have experience with gem faceting and flint knapping. Would like to learn the forge and rug tufting that’s available here. Also collaborate with gem faceting and setting as well as jewelry with knapped pieces of obsidian. Could use some wood furniture around the house maybe could create some wood working projects. Laboratory equipment projects are also on the radar for builds because it’s expensive to purchase and I can customize to my needs.

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What kind of laboratory equipment are you interested in? MSU Salvage has a variety of equipment available. They are open to the public on Fridays.

I’ve been a couple times, I purchased a thermal block for breeding projects.

Welcome! How cool that you sell mushroom supplies for a living! I grow mushrooms as a hobby, but I am really bad at it :tired_face:
There are members who spend a lot of time in the jewelry area, but aren’t as active on here, who have decades of jewelry and lapidary experience. They’ve helped and taught me a lot as an inexperienced maker. I recommend visiting Thursday evenings from 5:30pm-8:30pm for open jewelry so you can meet them.

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Hello Tim! I’m Alex one of the blacksmiths at LMN. Are there any days of the week that work for you to get checked out on the forge?

In the evenings after I leave the shop after 6pm usually. I did come one day and made a meat turner on open blacksmithing day. Need to see about ordering some stock metal for making some things.

I can get you setup with grow blocks, I have lions mane and Enoki that are wild clones I’m fruiting now.

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gotcha! no worries :smiley:

What afternoon is available? Only open hours?

I’ll be in on Thursday evening from between 6 and 7 if that works for you. Otherwise, Saturday between noon and 4 PM.

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