New Space Mock up

Hello all,

When I am organizing spaces I like to try and do a little mock up if I know it will include moving heavy things. I have used sketchup for this in the past even though it’s really finicky and often crashes, but I find their object warehouse useful for estimating size etc. Now that said I’m not actually sure how close I got to the building size. Let me know if you want the file and I’ll send it to you :smiley:


Wow, that looks so good, Danielle! :scream:

This reminded me that we do have a floor plan for the whole building and I’ve attached it below. Our plan is to rent all but the west-most 39’ (warehouse/storage) of the building. Hopefully it’s also helpful in planning out use for the new space!

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oooooo but now I can do a truely accurate one! I came pretty darn close to my measurement estimates haha :grin:


This is awesome. I tend to do this as well, so it’s super helpful for me. Thank you for the visual! If you don’t mind, once you’ve changed the measurements (if you’re going to do so), would you mind attaching the file as well?

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Yay new accurate model! Unfortunately .skp files are not part of the trusted files so I cannot upload the actual file :confused: … I’m happy to send another way to anyone though :slight_smile:

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Hit me up at if you don’t mind!

Skp files are now allowed.

Thank-you! here we are :slight_smile:

accurate space LMN.skp (1.2 MB)