New- Space for large project


I’m new or abou to be a new member here in a week or two. Would love to start chatting about a project I need to complete. Both with some help and guidance on space. I have some 8foot slabs of beautiful cherry that I am making into countertops for my basement bar. I can do them in two sections to keep space down but have 132 and 150 inch sections to make.

What would be best? Where to leave them to dry once planed and joined together? Is there someone that might be willing to give some guidance on joining them? I’m an amateur but have skills. I know what I want to do but maybe someone to help give some pointers on whether my ideas are warranted or not…!?!

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to becoming part of the network!


Just tagging @TEAM_Woodshop on this to make sure Gary gets notified.

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Since I will be doing something very similar next year (waiting for my wood to season), I’d be interested in helping you out. Have a few ideas for joining the sections together.


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That would be great! I am thinking biscuits and glue. Maybe a Kreg jig to put some of the end pieces together. End to end that is. Might be too long to clamp.

Lets see what you have and we can look at ways to do it.

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