New prints needed

Signs on the garbage cans are old. Someone wanna print out new ones and put them on?

I’m thinking this might not be necessary, since our dumpster is in a more intuitive location than it was in our previous space.

I do think the trash cans could maybe be labelled for the area they should live in, though. And adding casters would make them easier to manage.

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I know I had to ask where the dumpster was when I started, and I think it’s a passive reminder that it’s everyone’s responsibility to dump it. I might add dumpster signage to them anyway

I like the idea of location specific cans

We could incorporate the trash cans designated spot in the dumpster map signage

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Could we remind people to empty the trash by having a weight sensor put into the trash can that makes the trash repeatedly say “Oh my god, I’m SO full!” when there’s too much trash in it?


That could be done, and I love the idea

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