New Mill/Lathe Checkout

Greetings everyone!

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus but I am now back! I happened to notice a couple of fancy new machines in the corner and was hoping to set up a time with someone who knows a bit about the operation of them to show me the ropes!

My schedule is pretty flexible, so whenever works best!


Welcome back. I’d be happy to do an Introduction to the Big Machines session with you, and anyone else who’s interested.

I could this Saturday afternoon, around 4:00pm, or Sunday afternoon. (I’m doing a CNC router checkout starting at 2:00.)

This session would be somewhat ad-hoc, but I need to turn this into a regular checkout-style thing with a fixed plan and an SOP manual. You can be the Guinea pig.

That sounds good Carl, I’m happy to be the Guinea pig. Let’s plan on 4pm

Ray and I also would like to do the Lathe checkout after the 2 p.m. CNC checkout session as well, @RealCarlRaymond .

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