New member welding and blacksmithing area checkout request

Hi I’m new to the space and would like to get metal working again as soon as possible. I’m familiar with the tools and have worked with similar ones in the past but I still need to do checkouts for them. I’m requesting checkouts for the mig welder, belt grinder, and forge if someone wouldn’t mind running me through. Thanks so much!

I’d love to join any of these as well, if possible!

@Alex I emailed you about the checkouts. Pinging you here as well. Thanks!

Hello @Adam! We are just coming off of our forge being rebuilt and from what I understand it is back in service now but we are out of propane as far as I know. I will put an order in and it will likely be here next Wednesday. Can we schedule your checkout for the 3rd? say around 1pm?

Hi @Alex, I sent you a message pertaining to scheduling the checkouts, it should be in your inbox so we can figure out a time that works. Thanks so much!

When I was 2nd in the forge we had were anyone can have propan refilled and be reimbursed by the LMN. LMN will not reimburse for sales tax however on can get approval from the front desk and get the tax Id number to give to the seller of propane. That way someone could take a tank from LMN fill it and be reimbursed. You could only have 1, 2 people with be .authorized

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I was gonna say… I wouldn’t mind doing that or even just paying and providing my own just to get through the checkouts

this is no longer the case. We have our propane tanks delivered by Purity now.

@Mike-L would you be able to run a check out on the forge for Adam tomorrow night while your on shift? please and thank you?

I am available to give a checkout for the forge and the mig welder. I am in the space from 6:30 to close. For safety, please wear cotton clothing

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