New delta-style 3D printer update

We recently got a donation of some 3D printers from the East Lasing Public Library, and @CBennett and I were poking around with some of them recently. We got two delta printers: a SeeMe CNC Rostock Max V2, and a smaller model from the same series. Neither worked right out of the box (or truck, I guess), but the good news is that apart from the different sizes, they use the same controller, a RAMBo board, so we can diagnose by swapping parts.
The larger one has a damaged display, but when we swapped in the display from the smaller one, it worked fine. The display is pretty inexpensive to replace.

A test print looked OK, although we didn’t calibrate or really measure or evaluate anything.

The print bed has a glass sheet on it, but it is broken and will need replacing.
The good news is that the manufacturer sells a PEI-coated flexible steel build plate and a magnetic adhesive pad. This will be a nice upgrade, and we can forgo the hairspray or glue stick to get prints to adhere to the bed. It should be as easy as the Prusa. This is around $60.00 for the set.

The smaller printer has a bigger problem. When the motors start to move, the printer quickly stops and resets. It could be a bad controller board, or a bad power supply. It uses a computer power supply, so we should have some of those around to swap in. If that doesn’t do it, we can swap in the controller from the other printer.

Maybe we just want to get the bigger one working, and use the smaller one as a spare parts donor.

They use the same 1.75mm filament that we already have lots of for the Prusa, so that’s nice.

Here’s the TL;DR:

  • We’ll get at least the larger one working, and with a better print bed.

  • Do we have any computer power supplies to try in the small one? I’m sure we must somewhere. Exact kind unknown at the moment.

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I have a 500 watt power supply that can be donated to the printer farm

The large delta printer is working pretty well. A test print came out fine, but with some stringing. That could just be the temperature I used. I’ll try some experiments to find good settings, and then configure Prusa Slicer for it.

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That’s cool.