New DaVinci color 3D printer - let's hack it

Hey all,

While I was at the space today getting checked out for the 3D printer, @Evelyn mentioned a recently-arrived, new-to-LMN printer waiting for some research. It’s an XYZ Printing da Vinci Color, an okayish printer from several years back with one really neat trick: CMYK inkjet cartridges in the print head that let you print objects in arbitrary colors and patterns.

However, XYZ decided on the traditional printer business model of cheap printers and vendor locked-in expensive refills. The filament spools have an NFC chip in them that saves the amount of filament remaining on them, and once it runs out, the printer will refuse to let you feed in 3rd party filament.

I’m not sure what their asking price was (the links to the shop on their website now lead to a 404 page, if you’re wondering whether that business model was a good idea), but fortunately some fellow cheapska- er, thrift enthusiasts have already done the hard work of hacking the filament tags and figuring out how to make fakes.

Assuming the rest of the printer is in decent condition and the inkjet system is still useable (a bit dubious, granted), we should be able to take a roll of white PLA, slap an NTAG213 sticker on the side (I have 80 lying around; they’re cheap as chips), write the data the printer expects to it with any NFC-enabled smartphone, and start printing in full color.

I’ve really only done some initial research on the process, so there’s plenty more that needs to be done to boil things down enough to fit into an SOP. This forum seems to be the best source for info.

Filament shenanigans aside, the printer hardware also needs to be checked out. If any of this sounds like something you’d be interested in, chime in.