New CNC Router Checkout Request

I’m interested in completing the checkout process for the new CNC router. Is anyone available to complete a checkout in the next week or two? Thank you.

Are you available Sunday, May 12 at noon? I was thinking of scheduling a checkout then.

Will your checkout include the rotary cnc?

No, but I can make some time to go over it with you. Unfortunately I won’t be available again until the following weekend.

I’ll take the time if you are willing to give it. I’d likee to watch the checkout again for the 3x maybe someday I can do check outs too.

I’d like to join if there’s a checkout this Sunday!

Hi Blake. Yes, I’m available on Sunday, May 12th. I’ll plan on meeting with you at noon unless I hear otherwise. Thank you!!

I’d also like to join this sunday

I’m Joining the Makers Network today- can I get in on the checkout May 12 at noon?

@Nicholas_Crofut, @ryglow feel free to join. I think that will be enough for one checkout, so anyone else who is interested but has not replied in this thread please wait until the next one. See y’all tomorrow at noon.