New books in library

I’m trimming down my bookshelves at home, and I brought some in that might be interesting.

They’re all good, but you can see that some of them are sideways, and that does make them harder to read.

How to Design Mechanisms That Last a Lifetime is all about mechanical degrees of freedom, and achieving optimally constrained designs. It should be interesting to anyone building any kind of machine. It moves fast. Chapter 3 is “Door”, and Chapter 9 is “Helicopter”. (I strongly urge you to get good at “Door” before attempting “Helicopter”.)

And if you ever wondered what a “self-published” book is, it’s this. (I joke a little. It really is a good book, but it could use an editor or two.)

The Home Machinist’s Handbook explains working with a small lathe.

Machine Shop Trade Secrets is a great read for lots of tips and tricks in the machine shop.

Finally, three Linux books. None are new, but everything is still relevant.


Wow. They make Linux compatible nuts now? I remember when nuts only came in tree and pea.