New 3D Printer Assembly

We have received our very own Original Prusa i3 MK3 kit. This will be a very nice addition to LMN for members who would like to do 3D printing with minimal hassles and great results.

Since this printer is in kit form, we will need to assemble it. I plan to be at the space tomorrow (Tue) at about 5 pm to unbox it and start assembly. The printer consists of several individual assemblies that will then be assembled into the complete printer, so several people could work on this at once.

The work will be a little exacting, but the instructions are very well done and are both online at: and in booklet form. If you would like to help, we could use up to about 8 people and a few laptops. Give me a shout if you could help in the late afternoon or any time in the evening so I will have an idea of how much interest there is.

Depending on how far we get, probably we will work before and after the board meeting on Wednesday also.

Jerry Fahner

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I can come by around 8:00pm.

This from the new 3D printer? :o If so, this is seriously cool!

Yup… first print. Came out great.

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