Needto know if I show up for the mig-weld reviwe

I would like to check out the mig welder, grinder, vise, and other small hand tools in the metal shop on thurs the 15th. I probably won’t need each one all day.

Paging area manager @Mike-L. I would be interested in attending a MIG checkout as well.

I am available from 5 to close on thursday. I can provide checkouts for the mid welder, plasma cutter, stick welder, and grinder. Let me know what time works for you and wear cotton clothing for safety

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Do you know if the tig welder is working? and can provide a checkout? thank you,

The tig welder is not yet operational

OK by me. I’m experienced with 2 yrs of stick welding so I hope mig is easier. at least it seems that way to me as an outsider. I have accesse to a vary small welder (3/32 is as high as it will go.). I used to play with more like the 1/8 range. I plan to also bring a friend who has probable done muffler welding with mig. what I need is about that delicate, so maybe I can pay someone to do parts of this If I can’t avoid blow thru, as the plate I’m welding to is at about 1/32 to 1/16. which I feel doing in the mig is usually proven not blow thru, nor tiny stick. looking forward to it.

Hey mark! I noticed a voicemail from you about checkouts. Did you get the hook up?

thx so much for letting me use the mig, one machine works like a dream. can weld 1/14 bar stock to 1/16 steel. it’s a thing of beauty and I will bring a friend on thur

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