Need to borrow large metric wrenches

If anyone has a set of large metric wrenches, I’d like to borrow them for a little while. The new CNC machine is metric. We’ve got all the small tools we need, but not large wrenches. While we do have a large adjustable wrench, it’s the only one, and I need to tighten lock nuts.

Specifically I need a 30mm wrench, open or combination. If you’ve got a set, all the better.

I think I have another adjustable that can do 30mm if that would work for you.

That would work. (And replies must be at least 20 characters.)

I’ll bring it next time I’m in. Planning on Wednesday afternoon right now.

I’m in East Lansing I have a toolbox full of metric. Do you need open end box or sockets? Can you tell me what sizes you need?

I have up to 22mm open end box - and up to 36mm sockets - I wouldn’t mind grabbing a set of larger open end box wrenches and loaning them to you if needed

I think we’re OK now, thanks. A couple of larger adjustables are enough.