Need new "Volunteer at LMN" rack card

We should make up a rack card ( 3.5 ” x 8.5 ) promoting how to volunteer at the makerspace, benefits, etc.

Proofs below. Opinions, proofing and copy-editing, suggestions are all welcome. @Rossi.Bossi feel free to let me know what changes to the text you might suggest.

I also updated the membership rack card to the updated style. I’d love any extra eyes on this as well before I send it for printing.

@Rossi.Bossi it just occurred to me that the volunteer rack card is missing a call to action. “Visit our website to apply”? Other ideas ? There’s a whole back side to add more details if we like.

I think a call to action is a good idea. “Visit our website or drop by our open hours to become a volunteer”?

Or something like that.
As a sidebar, there’s some funky looking code appearing on the volunteer application page when I click it.

The image is backwards on the first one. ǝᴉʇɐʞ’s nametag and shirt seem to suggest a strange language

Shhhh… It doesn’t work the other way. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to find another image that works for the design.

I have to search through my assorted pictures at LMN that might work. I need something to keep me sane whilst dealing with my flooded basement.

Will post what might work here.

Here are some I’ve taken:

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This is done and at the printers. Thanks for the suggestions from everyone, and thanks to @conejita42 for the great photos. (I didn’t end up using them for this, but I’m keeping them in my back pocket for other things).

If these were the ones that were brought to this year’s DemoCamp, then it looks cool.

And, oh, I’m curious as to what my pics will be used in… :thinking: Guess we’ll wait and see. Just wanted you to have options.

The final version is slightly tweaked, but virtually identical to the ones at Democamp. We’ll find a good use for your photos for sure!

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