Need new power supply for plasma-cut sign

The sign in question:

This is outfitted with 5v LEDs and needs a new power supply made for them. If you take on this task, take note of the polarity dictated on the connector.

@Mike-L are you up to this one?

I have more LED drivers than I need, of various voltages. If someone can check what the specs on the bad driver is I may be able to match it…

The current circuit is marked 5-24 volts. I would try to keep it around an amp, it seemed to respond quite well to 5-6 volts at an amp when i tested it on the bench power supply.

That being said, I just tried it with a power supply off the shelf that fell within the voltage parameters and some of the LED modules popped, so now I am looking for a replacement strip

This would be a good one for WLED… inexpensive 8266 plus an LED strip.

I can probably provide both next time I’m at the space. It would need a 5v power supply.

One fun note is that WLED would tie into automation and we could turn it on and off and make it change based on motion sensors etc…

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The controller is marked 5-24 but the leds have a specific voltage, in this case 5. This is so you can supply the controller with whatever voltage the led strip needs as they come in a variety of voltages. The controller doesn’t regulate the voltage in any way, it just passes whatever it’s supplied on to the LEDs.

Unfortunately this likely means that the leds strips themselves need to be replaced, but the controller is likely fine.

@zimmer62 WLED sounds great if you want to jump in on this and help out.

Automation integration sounds like it could be fun. I do have a few rgb strips left over from other projects that can replace the damaged strip on the sign

I’d love to jump in and help… I’ve done quite a few LED projects using WLED now, so it’s right up my ally.

The HA (home assistant) integration is great too.

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I would like the opportunity to learn a thing or two if your available to share.

I also have the replacement led strips and will be dropping them off at the space tomorrow

Looks like Mike and Joe solved this. Thanks both, marking resolved!

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